Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Usually my Friday nights are intentionally lame. Dragging myself out of work a little late because there's just a few more things I'd like to wrap up before going home so they're not glaringly undone on my desk Monday morning! OR, and usually just as accurate, I'm pooped and it's a short mile to my car in the parking lot! ")
But this weekend, my cousin and childhood friend are in Canton for 1st Monday shopping excursion. So we each drove over an hour to meet somewhere in the middle for dinner last night. So approximately a 90 minute drive for a 90 minute visit and a 90 minute drive home. They live minutes or a few miles from each other but about 5 hours away from me ~ so it was time well spent. I'm always happy to see them. Even when they're worn out from a day of mega shopping!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love dots!

Thankfully, I snapped this photo because I've already misplaced the card. Ugh! I've got to get more organized. This idea came from Julee at
SU: W White Gift card and mini envelope, Old Olive, Not Quite Navy, and Pumpkin Pie colors.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Are they just as busy as weekdays w/out getting paid? HA.
Yesterday I got up with the intention of hitting two soccer games to watch some friends play. I got up plenty early and went to pull my jeans out of the dryer to zip up and out the back door, only to find all my jeans still wet in the washer from the night before. GEEZER / did i dream i dried that load?
Well, at least I got to see one of the two games I intended to watch!

After the game, I called my friend J, whose dad had heart valve replacement earlier this week. Where is he? What can I do for him? I'm ready to help.
She was actually en route - taking him home from the hospital. And yes, I could help by bring some lunch to the house. As we were hanging up, she mention her husband and son weren't home - they were at the Balloon Festival - where her husband annually pilots a balloon. Drat, just remembered, I wanted to watch that lift off this morning and didn't. Anyway, a quick stop at KFC and then J's - we had lunch! She ran to the store - I stayed with her dad and daughter. He slept, we played cards and board games. Fun!

Then I went home and got ready for church. I went to class - currently studying a book called Peace Makers. It's a hard road teaching us whether we're Peace Makers (not I), Peace Breakers (not I), or Peace Fakers. ding ding ding ding! There I am. A person who avoids conflicts / sometimes by shoving it all back at me or just taking what ever is dished out. So now, just another confirmation of who I am - here's the catch. I have to open my heart to allow the Holy Spirit to correct me. Yikes - I know I've had much easier days at work!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old Olive and Chocolate for Geni

I've known Geni since 1985. She's always had high energy and high enthusiasm. We've always celebrated birthdays and as a bonus above all bonuses, her family generally remembers me by making me an Easter basket. Isn't that grand? I know Geni likes chocolate and I was recently more than impressed by a set of cards on another stamper's blog. ( So, for Geni's birthday, I made a set of cards. The colors just drew me in. Here is one of the cards I included in the set. I'll take a better picture next time. - Didn't think about having one card lined up side by side to the next. Oh well, the trials of being a beginner!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A New Direction.

Yesterday, I was traveling north of my home where there is quite a bit of new construction. I found myself in the wrong lane and was forced to take a turn in the wrong direction. As I looked up, I noticed the sky was dark and cloudy as if the the bottom was about to fall out. I quickly said a prayer that God would allow my typically slow moving self to finish my errands and return safely home before the heavy rain came. I sensed the Holy Spirit calm my concern as I was reminded - I needed to turn around and go the opposite direction anyway. Just as I took the u-turn to go back the other way, I couldn't help but notice the sky in that direction was blue and clear. Just then, I was thankful to be headed in a clearer direction God reminded me, He won't always hold back the rain but He'll forever calm the storm. Hallejulah!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Teddy has a Graham! ;)

My friends Jon and Amelia Parker had their third son yesterday. Mom and son are fine. His name is Jonathan Graham Antonius Parker. While in the womb, we've referred to him as TEX, the plan is now to call him Graham. (However, can you say, "Howdy, I'm Big Tex!?" - That is how Big Tex stands - right?) He is the 1st of the 5 Parker (Deane and Connie) grandchildren to be born out of the state of Texas. He was born in Pennsylvania. He was born yesterday AM and "tipped or tripped the scales" as it was at a whooping 11.13 pounds. He is 23 inches long. Wouldn't you agree he looks more like a 3 month old! His second brother is Isaac Thaddeus Deane Parker. I call him Isaac, as that is his name but in my heart, he is "Teddy." That's how Teddy got a Graham yesterday!
God bless this Parker family.
Big Tex picture courtesy of my friend Dana @