Friday, June 29, 2007


Surely it must do more than just keep cattle in one pasture. Lately, I think God's been showing me just how we use it emotionally to build fences and divisions between each other. Almost as if to show, well you've hurt me somehow so if I become emotionally prickly, you'll know next time not to get so close. Or maybe if we've been hurt by others, we use it to keep potential new comers from getting too close. I work on a good bit of property and the other day I saw a wild coyote jump right through the barbedwire. I remember thinking, wow! he's done that before because he didn't even flinch or hesitate at the pain the little prick of pointy metal must have inflicted. It was in that moment that I knew even an untamed animal knows to "push off" the discomfort and keep trotting.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aunt Jerry

My Aunt Jerry passed on Monday morning. She had a quiet, peaceful, always pleasant disposition. The kind that most people (including me) can only hope people would say about them after they're gone. I wish I'd known her better. We really only saw each other occasionally at holidays, weddings, and family ice-cream socials my mom hosted in our backyard.

There was always a slight mystery about Aunt Jerry and Uncle Weldon as he was the only one of my dad's brothers that didn't raise their family in the very same neighborhood as their parents. Yes, it was cool, my grandparents lived 3 streets over and my other two uncles had families all within our block.

As an adult looking back, Jerry always expressed value by intently listening when she asked you how you were or what you were gonna do with your summer. She loved the Lord and was ready to go home when she passed the other day. I hope my love and respect for her illuminated in my disposition with her and not just now as I write these words.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diet Pills. . . .

I've needed to drop some lbs and then some more lbs for quite some time. I've let it get to the point of no return and I know by her simply nature, it drives my mother crazy with worry. Worry i'll stroke, worry i'll die, etc. So i started taking diet pills. Day one, no noticeable difference. By day three, I felt certain I was swept into a spiralling pit of hormonal rage and frustration. I dropped a few but, I could have snapped the head of a snake by slinging him up the side of a tree. (Something I recall my Grandpa bragging about when I was a little girl sitting in the corner listening to adults talk among themselves.) So my coworker and I agreed, in the interest of all, it would be best if i stop the pills. And as you may have guessed, I've gone back to my normal, loud laughing, polly anna self. Long story short, maybe fat and happy are a good combo! I can try something else another day! ....