Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fe Fe Fiona

This is Fiona. Fe Fe or Fe for short. An old friend from church had to move out of state about a year and a half ago and left her with me. She is a sweet dog. She can fetch, sit and stay. She is a social eater because she only eats her dog food when I'm here. She's cold natured and a blanket stealer. And when she barks at people, I'm pretty sure she's confused herself with a big guard dog. She likes her dog treats and the occasional french fry.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trends, fads and $3 cupcakes!

I can not believe I never posted about this before because it really amazed me! One of my friends turned 40 a few weeks ago and when asked what she wanted to do to celebrate, this less than girly girl wanted to go to Preston Center for a cupcake. A cupcake she had no less read about in the paper! Wow! So a few friends went to lunch and ventured over to a shopping square only to find a line out the door to pay over $3 for a cupcake. Isn't that a hoot? See my friends standing in line! HA! (Photo taken from my comfy corner bench!) The cup cake store is called Sprinkles and they only sell cupcakes, 22 flavors, 7 days a week, cupcakes! This cupcake rage started in Beverly Hills and we were in their third store. Not third in Dallas, not third in Texas, not third in the good ole' USA, but third in the world! I checked it out, they're planning to open 15 more stores, some of which will be international. Now I ask you, what starts a trend of this magnitude? Bottle water and Starbucks move over - cupcakes are right on your tail! (Yes, they are good cupcakes, but ask yourself, is any cupcake good enough to stand outside on a Dallas summer day and wait in line for?)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Busca Friend

Now I've had questions about the mom from my most recent post.

I met my friend who I'll call Busca for the purpose of saving her identity to most, a couple of years ago. We have nothing in common except our faith in Christ. Nothing may not describe it. Zip, Nada, nothing, zero to say the least! But for some reason, almost from the day we met, we cracked each other up in that sarcastic, nobody would understand this but us kinda way. So much so that a one point we were taking a class together at church, and the teacher, a mentor and friend of mine for over 20 years, had to threaten to separate us like school girls. Even at that, we just laughed! Going back to our differences, she is small and strong. I am large and weak. She is tomboyish, athletic, likes to fish, knows more than anybody needs to about guns. I am a girly girl who can't catch a ball, or a fish and was not even allowed to hold a toy gun in her house because of the way I apparently waved it around in an inappropriate fashion. . who knew?

Our friendship was difficult because we hardly ever knew what the other one meant and were in general just never on the same page so to speak. But both of us understood that God must have crossed our paths for a reason. I didn't notice at the time but as I write this now, looking back, I became more of a personal assistant than a friend to Busca. Took her daughter to church when she couldn't be there, booked flights for her, processed bill payments on-line for her, did laundry, cleaned house, cleaned the litter box, even cleaned junk mail out of her yahoo account because she said it was too much for her to deal with, picked up from school and stayed with her daughter. Sometimes Busca could and would drop her daughter off at a friend or relatives house while she worked at night. As time went by it became increasing apparent that my young friend wanted to stay at home, in her house, in her room, and in her bed. So, I offered to stay more often so she could stay in her own home while her mom had to work. What else did I have to do? Busca was right, when she told me, most of what I did for her & her daughter was because I offered / not because she asked. It was a way for me to help someone and even now, it is the same, I enjoyed helping and do not regret it.

Again not trying to be one sided, she helped me - the day I totalled my car - she came to my aid, she traveled 300 miles to attend the visitation for my dad's funeral, and she drove me to the hospital for day surgery. Even in the midst of what seemed like constant negative banter, she could make me laugh more than just about anyone I know. In a world where I live alone and 300 miles from family, Busca was family like to me. It was like having a younger sister and niece near by that actually needed me.

About six months ago, Busca had a college age friend move into the house to help her with her daughter. Therefore, she does not need the help I'd offered all along. Did not need , did not want it, and did not want to talk about it. (try as I did which only drove her more nuts - yikes!) So about three months later, she told me God had released her from the need to be my friend. As far as friends go, I am pretty loyal and I think God has His own way of distancing people when that needs to happen. But I've learned to respect her comment.

I have said this to her and I will not change. (Because I believe with all my heart, God expects nothing less.) I pray for her, I believe God's best for and about her. I wish her well. She is a strong believer, she is good at her job, and she is a great mother.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A young old friend!

I saw a friend yesterday, I can't say old friend because she's only 7. Her mom - (a single parent) has a busy, unconventional job, so over the course of the last few years I'd been able to spend lots of time with my little friend. We did tons of stuff together! Baked cookies, fed Fritos to catfish, took tons of pictures, went to the movies, arts and crafts, scrap booking, manicures, read stories, weekly jaunts to the Purple Cow after church, and countless trips to Micky D's. Oh yeah, I watched most of her 1st two seasons of soccer. Not having any children of my own, happily her little life filled up a lot of my life and my heart! She's an amazing little girl and such a joy. Due to a rather unfortunate and seemingly permanent difference of opinion with her mom, before yesterday, I had not seen her in over four months. After about three months, I'd been able to choke down the whole "missing her" emotion. Then yesterday, as they came racing in late for their service in church, she bounded towards me with such energy and excitement, I knew she was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She told me about her summer, showed me where she lost 2 of her front teeth, and just how perfectly her step mom Kim, had straightened her normally curly blond hair. I can't say she's an old friend, OR can I? ;)

Monday, July 16, 2007


A cool thought about God. HE is complete. HE is the Alpha/Omega / Beginning and End. If He had human form today, He would not forget to mail the light bill. HE would never be rushed or selfishly in a hurry to quickly cross under the "amber" light. HE would never choose indifference over love. HE is as patient and kind with the lost as HE is with those of us that are saved. HE follows through with His promises. HE IS the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There are times when we are so unkind to ourselves, to others - just now I realize maybe it's because we are simply, incomplete.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Can I hep ya?

In her true West Texas vernacular, WilloDean Campbell is really offering to help you with what ever needs to be done. She doesn't say these words anymore but I know it's probably still her heart's desire! She is the mother of six. While I've only known her really well for the past four years or so, it obvious she's devoted her life to Jesus, her husband, and her kids. She presently lives in a home with five other special needs or elderly people. I met WDC because she is the mother of one of my close friends, Brenda. Originally I reached out to her in attempt to help my friend, but as the years have passed - I've developed a special bond with WilloDean. Even with something as simple or silent as her smile, she exudes love, compassion, and appreciation.

I've learned a few things about myself through WDC and I'm thankful for the lessons!

Introducing Brayden Morris Kennedy!

My niece Shelby and her husband Tres have a bouncing baby boy, his name is Brayden. The middle name Morris was my dad's middle name and while he always hated it, nothing would have made her Paw Paw happier then knowing Shelby named her son after him. Brayden arrived about a month early, just in time for his birthday to be a day before his mom's. Motherhood agrees with Shelby, she seems to instinctively know what to do. Watch here for more on Super baby - Brayden! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kaden the Great!

Kaden is my oldest Great nephew. He is four years old and as you can see a friend of the wild! I especially appreciate his apparent love for God's creatures!
And what wonderful mischievous brother isn't in need of one he can teach all his tricks? So my niece Brittany has a baby named Kason for that! Isn't he cute?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Family, Friends, Fun and the 4th

I'm in Pasadena at my Mom's. Enjoying a nice visit with my Mom, friends, and cousin Sharon this time. Sharon turns 44 next week so we (Carol, Robin, Sharon and I and this time Darleen) went out for a celebration dinner last night. Fun fun fun / only in Texas and with this close of friends can we all talk at once and never miss a word! Sometimes, I think I'd like to move back this way but last night as I drove back to Mom's from Carol's house, I realized it would take the urgency out of our get togethers. There would always seemingly be another day, another week end, another errand to run that would probably just get in the way. I look forward to seeing how much their kids have grow or their latest adventures with school, romance, or sports! How I love our times together. Robin cranking up any radio she can find and demanding that everyone sing along to the best song she finds on the dial. Sharon claiming to be a trooper with just a bit of a headache or an achy old bruise from last summer's canoe ride with Carol. Laughing so hard through it all that you almost can't breathe. . . It's good to be with friends who accept you as you are and enjoy all the history you have and the way you remember it!